Manzana Loyalty

Manzana Loyalty on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is a popular solution for the management of loyalty programs in Retail, Retail banking, Insurance, Health care, Sport and other B2C enterprises.


Manzana Loyalty's characteristic features are simplicity of operation, comprehensive range of tools required to manage loyalty programs, support for all types of communication channels.

Manzana Loyalty Analytics

Manzana Loyalty Analytics is a solution for carrying out а high-quality analytics of loyalty programs.


With Manzana Loyalty Analytics you can evaluate the effectiveness of loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.


Manzana Loyalty Analytics includes preconfigured loyalty program reports

and dashboards.

Manzana Loyalty Mobile

Manzana Loyalty Mobile is a ready-to-use mobile application for a loyalty program participant.


Manzana Loyalty Mobile works on all popular mobile operating systems.


Using the mobile application for a loyalty program participant retailers exclude the necessity of plastic cards production.




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