Manzana Loyalty

Loyalty Program automation and Customer Relationship Management powered by

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server

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Manzana Loyalty advantages

Manzana Loyalty on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is a popular solution for the management of loyalty programs designed for industrial CRM systems. By employing Manzana Loyalty solution, retailers achieve an increased average receipt, higher purchase rate and get a better margin.


Manzana Loyalty provides a comprehensive range of tools required to manage loyalty programs, as well as a set of techniques for conducting sales promos and targeting communication with customers.


Manzana Loyalty solution has a proven record of successful application in retail business, bank offices and shopping centers as well as in insurance, healthcare and sports industries.

Dmitry Komarov

Children's goods retailer

Ksenya Dergunova,

Drogery Retail Chain

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Manzana Loyalty functionality


Loyalty program levels/tiers

   (individual, family or corporate memberships)

Member bonus point balance

Various types of member identification

Personal Web portal for Partners

Partner relationships management


Personalized messages generation

Deliver messages on-demand or according to schedule

Smart delivery

API for 3rd party communication providers

Automated processing of inbound communications


Bonus points accruals/ redemptions/ expiration/ transfers

Very targeted campaign – till the Segment of One

Library of predesigned campaigns/ bonus rules templates

Online or batch transactions processing

Non-monetary member activities

Coupons management

The average bill of loyalty program participant is 40% higher than a regular customer's one

BUSINESS intelligence

Set of dashboards

Specialized transactional reports

Built-in RFM & Binary segmentation

Fraud analysis

OLAP & DWH available

Before the loyalty program a response from "carpet" sms mailing wasn't over 1,5%, while now it is about 10% with less cost

Sustainable solution

Scalable system

Powerful API

Out-of-the-box solution

Flexible rent options

Our vast experience

Intuitive interface

Mobile application




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